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Dynamic embedded
videos in React.

With the Remotion Player, you can embed videos that are written in React, and change them at runtime. Connect it to server-side rendering to turn them into real MP4 videos.

Powered by Remotion

Remotion is the premier framework for writing videos in React.
Use the timeline editor with Fast Refresh to get every frame perfect, before you embed it in a website.


Enter a name and pick a color and watch the video adapt.

Hi there!Your favorite color is
0:00 / 0:11

Reactive to data

Connect the video to an API or a form - the video will update immediately once the data changes - simply update a React prop!

Extremely customizable

The Remotion Player is inspired by the browsers native <video> tag. Get started by adding the controls prop, or build your own UI using our flexible APIs.

Turn it into real videos

Connect to the Remotion server-side rendering APIs to turn the preview into real videos. We have support for audio and various codecs, and allow rendering in Node.JS or serverless (coming soon).

Real-world project

Check out #GitHubUnwrapped to get your personal GitHub Year in Review.
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