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Allows you to use a video in React Three Fiber that is synchronized with Remotion's useCurrentFrame().

To use a video in a Three.JS context, you first have to render it and assign it a ref. If you only want to use it in a React Three Fiber Scene, you can make it invisible by adding a {position: "absolute", opacity: 0} style.

import {useRef} from 'react';
import {Video} from 'remotion';
import src from './vid.mp4';
const MyVideo = () => {
const videoRef = useRef<HTMLVideoElement>();
return (
style={{position: "absolute", opacity: 0}}

To convert the video to a video texture, place the useVideoTexture() hook in the same component.

import {useVideoTexture} from '@remotion/three';
// ...
const texture = useVideoTexture(videoRef)

The return type of it is a THREE.VideoTexture | null which you can assign as a map to for example meshBasicMaterial. We recommend to only render the material when the texture is not null to prevent bugs.

{videoTexture ? (
<meshBasicMaterial map={videoTexture} />
) : null}

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