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Upgrading Remotion

The easiest way to do this is to run the following command in the root of your project:

npx remotion upgrade
npx remotion upgrade

You need the @remotion/cli package installed for this.

Manually upgrading Remotion

To upgrade Remotion to the latest version, all @remotion/* packages and remotion must be updated to the same version.

Edit the version number in your package.json for all packages. Delete the ^ in front of the version number in your package.json in order to force the exact version you specified.

Breaking changes

Remotion follows semantic versioning.
This means if the first number of the version is the same, you can upgrade and your code is backwards-compatible.

Example: If you are on 4.0.0, you can upgrade to 4.1.100 without changing your code.
However, to upgrade to 5.0, you will need to follow the migration guide.

Exceptions to the breaking change rule are APIs that are marked as experimental.


Visit to see a list of all changes.

Stable versions

We maintain a repo with the latest stable version of Remotion for customers who need a higher level of stability.
Customers may get access to the repo on the portal.