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Entry point

The entry point is the file where the Remotion CLI and @remotion/renderer APIs will look for a Remotion project.

  • By default in most templates, it is src/index.ts.
  • In older projects, it may have an .tsx extension instead of .ts.
  • The entry point can be passed to the render command, for example: npx remotion render src/index.ts.
  • The entry point should call registerRoot().
  • If you render a video using npx remotion render, the entry point is printed in grey.
  • You can customize the default entry point in the config file using Config.setEntryPoint().

Which entry point is being used?

If you call npx remotion render, the entry point and the reason why it was chosen will be printed. The algorithm is as follows:

If the entry point is directly passed, for example npx remotion render src/index.ts, use that.
Otherwise, if a path was specified in the Configuration file using Config.setEntryPoint(), use that.
Go through the following common paths and if one exists, use that:
  • src/index.ts
  • src/index.tsx
  • src/index.js
  • src/index.mjs
  • remotion/index.tsx
  • remotion/index.ts
  • remotion/index.js
  • remotion/index.mjs

In the Player

In the Remotion Player, there is no concept of an entry point.
You directly pass a React component and metadata to the <Player>.