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Render your video

Now here comes the magic! Turn your creation into an MP4.

npm run build
npm run build

The underlying command in package.json is defined as follows:

npx remotion render HelloWorld
npx remotion render HelloWorld

Modify it to select a different video to render, or change its output location. Learn about all the options on the CLI reference page.

More ways to render


Remotion has a full-featured server-side rendering API. Read more about it on the server-side rendering API.

GitHub Actions

You can also render a video using a GitHub Action.

AWS Lambda

Check out Remotion Lambda.

Only audio

Instead of rendering a video, you can also just export the audio.

Image Sequence

Instead of encoding as a video, you can use the --sequence command to output a series of image.

Still images

If you want a single image, you can do so using the CLI or Node.JS API.

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