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Buying the Recorder includes access to all future updates.

Here is a list of things that we plan to add.
We actively develop the Recorder because we use it for our own videos, however we do not put dates on these features.

We recommend that you only buy the Recorder if you find it useful in its current state or plan to develop the missing features yourself.

SRT export

The convention on YouTube is to provide subtitles in the form of an .srt file instead of burning them in.
We plan to add this as a Remotion feature and then enable it in the Recorder.

9:16 format

We plan to support a new format that makes the videos feel native on Instagram, YouTube Shorts and TikTok.

  • Different layout for webcam and display
  • Word-by-word captions
  • Animating the captions

Improving the editing experience

We plan to add new Remotion APIs and Remotion Studio features to make edits easier than having to use the props editor.

Give us feedback

Let us know on the #recorder channel what you would like to see next.