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Start editing

To start the editing environment, run

bun start
bun start

This will start the development server and open a Remotion Studio instance in a new window.

Create a new composition

A composition is a video that you can edit and render.

In the left sidebar, create a new composition by right-clicking the empty composition and selecting Duplicate and give it an ID.
The ID should be the same as the name of the subfolder of public where you store your videos. Example: If you store your recordings in public/hello-world, the ID should be hello-world.

Add new scenes to the composition

Open the right sidebar. By default there are no scenes.
Click the + button to add a new scene.
By default, it will add a video scene, which will consume the first video in the public/[composition-id] folder.

You can also switch the scene type to something different like endcard or title.
Each scene type has its own settings which you can configure in the right sidebar.

To save them, click the disk icon or press Ctrl+S / Cmd+S.