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Animated Remotion Recorder Logo

The Remotion Recorder is a video production tool built entirely in JavaScript.


Record your facecam and screen in sync but independently. This allows you to create a dynamic layout later.

Record webcam and display as separate streams. Up to 4 sources can be recorded at the same time!Ensure you are in the center of the video and you are not too close to the microphone.

Different platforms require different formats

Each platform has its own conventions for how videos should look.

Twitter, LinkedIn
Muted by default
Captions burned in
Audio by default
Captions as .srt file planned
Endcard with related videos
TikTok, Reels, Shorts planned
Safe space at bottom required
Word-by-word captions

The goal of the Recorder: Edit once and feel native on each platform.

Captions are essential

Generate captions locally using Whisper.cpp. The Recorder will automatically install it for you.
AI will make mistakes - so we make it easy to correct them.

Captions have word-level timingsOrphan words are avoided by balancing the text layoutUse `backticks` to highlight technical terms
Fix captions quickly by clicking on a word
Write a JavaScript function to fix common misspellings

Captions are stored as editable JSON

Agnostic endcards

Your viewer watched the entire video! Now don't make them forget about you.

If you post on Twitter, the call-to-action is "Follow" and your other platforms are linked.

If you post on YouTube, the call to action is "Subscribe" and cutouts for related videos are made.

The endcard is written with React and CSS, so can be easily customized.


Having access to the entire source code, you can use CSS to customize the look of the Recorder.

Look of the built-in light theme
Look of the built-in dark theme

Use CSS to make it your own!

The Recorder is built with TypeScript and React, and you can fully customize it's behavior. It's a hackable video editor.

Silence removal

Automatically remove the silence at the start and end of your take.


Add background music to your video and automatically fade between the different sections.
Three exclusive tracks are included that you may use for your video.


Whether you only record your facecam, or also your display, the Recorder always finds the ideal layout - even if you mix landscape and portrait videos.


Enable clean transitions between scenes - no matter if you change the layout during the video.


Mark a scene as the beginning of a new chapter and automatically generate animated chapters.


Add images and videos on top of your facecam or display while your voiceover is playing to give the video more depth.


Export your video with much control over the encoding options.
Render a video with a single click on a button, the CLI, Node.JS APIs, GitHub Actions, or even on AWS Lambda!


The Remotion Recorder ships source code.
You can customize it to your liking if you have TypeScript and React knowledge.

1) YouTube videos currently have their subtitles burned in, but we plan to add support for exporting a .srt file.
2) 9:16 format is not yet implemented.