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React Native

Potential support for React Native is currently under consideration.
A proof of concept was shown at App.js Conf on May 12th 2023:

Current status

Remotion is considering adding support for React Native pending positive interest from the React Native community and feedback concerning the architecture.

Currently working:

  • Render videos with any resolution into an MP4
  • useCurrentFrame(), useVideoConfig(), spring(), interpolate(), interpolateColors() functions
  • Out-of-viewport rendering

Not working:

  • Audio support
  • Embedded video
  • Multithreaded rendering
  • Other codecs than H264
  • APIs requiring Web APIs, e.g. <Sequence>, <AbsoluteFill>, etc. -> Workaround: Pass layout="none"


Create issues on the example repo to give feedback, or use the #native channel on Discord.


The code that is in the example repository is MIT-licensed.
Remotion, a dependency of this example, is licensed under the Remotion License, which means companies need to acquire a license to support the further development.