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Optimizing for speed

On this page, a few strategies are presented for making a render on Lambda as fast as possible.

Higher concurrency

Generally, a lower value for framesPerLambda will result in higher concurrency and therefore an opportunity to finish the render in less absolute time. At the same time, more overhead will be produced, making the render more expensive. You will also experience diminishing returns, and adding too much concurrency can make the speed slower because the overhead of orchestrating many Lambda functions outweigh the gains. See the Lambda Concurrency page for more information.

More memory

Adding more memory on Lambda will also scale up the CPU power on Lambda proportionally, therefore making the render faster. At the same time, the cost also linearly increases with the memory you add.

concurrencyPerLambda property

The concurrencyPerLambda property in renderMediaOnLambda() allows you to open multiple browser tabs in a single Lambda function, therefore opening an opportunity to do more work at once. If the Lambda function is too busy, increasing the concurrency might also be counterproductive.

Use speculateFunctionName()

Instead of calling getFunctions(), you can call speculateFunctionName() to calculate the name of the function you are about to call to save an API call and save up to 1 second.

Bucket naming

If you have a Remotion version before December 2022, then your bucket name might not include the region name in its name. This will result in Remotion having to list all bucket names and query their region before kicking off the render.

See this article for more information. Consider renaming your bucket or re-setting up Remotion Lambda to gain speed. This especially applies if you are having many Remotion buckets across regions.

Use MP3 as an audio codecv4.0.16

By default, a video renders with the h264 codec and the aac audio codec. Setting the audioCodec to mp3 will make "Combining videos" stage a lot faster, as the MP3 codec is much faster to encode than AAC. However, the audio will not play in QuickTime Player and the file size is minimally higher.

Optimizing render performance

See the general performance tips which also apply to Lambda.

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