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npx remotion lambda quotas

Displays the AWS Lambda concurrency and burst limits currently being applied to your account and region. You can use the increase command to send a request to AWS asking them to increase their quotas.


Print the current limits being applied to your AWS account and region.

npx remotion lambda quotas
npx remotion lambda quotas
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Region = us-east-1

Concurrency limit: 1000 - Increase recommended! A request to increase it to 5000 is pending: The maximum amount of Lambda functions which can concurrently execute. Run npx remotion lambda quotas increase to ask AWS to increase your limit.


For which region the quotas should be printed.

quotas increase

Creates an AWS support request to increase the concurrency limit on your account as well as potential quota increase requests that might exist on your account.

npx remotion lambda quotas increase
npx remotion lambda quotas increase

This only works for AWS Root accounts, not the children of an organization. You can still request an increase via the console.


For which region the quotas should be increased.


Skips asking for confirmation.


Asks for an increase even if it is the second one. Without a message you specify, it is more unlikely you will get approved, prefer using console for further increases.

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