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npx remotion lambda compositions

Available from v3.3.2.

Print list of composition IDs from a serve URL, fetched from inside a Lambda function.

npx remotion lambda compositions <serve-url>
npx remotion lambda compositions <serve-url>

Note that you can also get the compositions of a site that is hosted on Lambda using npx remotion compositions. Vice versa, you can also get the compositions from a serve URL that is not hosted on AWS Lambda using npx remotion lambda compositions.

You should use npx remotion lambda compositions if you cannot use npx remotion compositions because the machine cannot run Chrome.

Example commands

Rendering a still:

npx remotion lambda compositions
npx remotion lambda compositions



React Props that can be retrieved using getInputProps(). Must be a serialized JSON string (--props='{"hello": "world"}') or a path to a JSON file (./path/to/props.json).


Inline JSON string isn't supported on Windows because it removes the " character, use a temporary file instead.


Specify a location for the Remotion config file.


Specify a location for a dotenv file. Default .env.


Set the log level. Increase or decrease the amount of output. Acceptable values: error, warn, info (default), verbose


If you don't feel like passing command line flags every time, consider creating a remotion.config.ts config file.


Define how long it may take to resolve all delayRender() calls before the composition fetching times out in milliseconds. Default: 30000.



Results in invalid SSL certificates in Chrome, such as self-signed ones, being ignored.


This will most notably disable CORS in Chrome among other security features.


Opens an actual browser to observe the composition fetching.

--quiet, --q

Only prints the composition IDs, separated by a space.


available from v3.3.42

Specify a specific bucket name to be used. This is not recommended, instead let Remotion discover the right bucket automatically.

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