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Bucket names in Remotion Lambda

A Remotion Lambda bucket names (for example remotionlambda-apsouth1-3ysk0nyazp) has two special attributes:

It is prefixed with remotionlambda-
It contains the region in their name

It is not recommended to use a custom bucket name because it requires changing your policies and passing the bucket name explicitly to all APIs.

Using a different bucket name


By using a custom bucket name, . Ensure you are passing the bucket name explicitly to all APIs, especially to those for which the bucket name is optional. Also ensure that you the Lambda and S3 buckets ar

To use a custom bucket name, you need to:

AWS Region in the name

The buckets contain the region in their name (for example remotionlambda-apsouth1-3ysk0nyazp). This is because when the list of AWS buckets is obtained through the AWS API, the region is not included in the response.

If the region is not in the bucket name, it needs to be queried for each bucket, which requires extra API calls and slows down the render.

If you set up your buckets with a Remotion version before December 2022, you have bucket names that do not include the region in their name (for example remotionlambda-0if1fa0wy0). By renaming the buckets, you can speed up render and reduce API calls, especially if you have a lot of Remotion buckets across regions.

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