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Also available as a 11min video
Integrate Remotion Lambda into your app

Render Remotion videos on AWS Lambda. This is the fastest, most cost-efficient and most scalable way to render Remotion videos.

When should I use it?

If one of those constraints is a dealbreaker for you, resort to normal server-side rendering or consider using Cloud Run.

How it works

  • A Lambda function and a S3 bucket is created on AWS.
  • A Remotion project gets deployed to a S3 bucket as a website.
  • The Lambda function gets invoked and opens the Remotion project.
  • A lot of Lambda functions are created in parallel which each render a small part of the video
  • The initial Lambda function downloads the videos and stitches them together.
  • The final video gets uploaded to S3 and is available for download.

See in more detail: How Remotion Lambda works


  • Lambda function: Requires a layer with Chromium, currently hosted by Remotion. Only one Lambda function is required, but it can execute different actions.
  • S3 bucket: Stores the projects, the renders, and render metadata.
  • CLI: Allows to control the overall architecture from the command line. Is installed by adding @remotion/lambda to a project.
  • Node.JS API: Has the same features as the CLI but is easier to use programmatically

Setup / Installation

See here

Region selection

The following regions are available for Remotion Lambda:

  • eu-central-1
  • eu-west-1
  • eu-west-2
  • eu-west-3
  • eu-south-1
  • eu-north-1
  • us-east-1
  • us-east-2
  • us-west-1
  • us-west-2
  • af-south-1
  • ap-south-1
  • ap-east-1
  • ap-southeast-1
  • ap-southeast-2
  • ap-northeast-1
  • ap-northeast-2
  • ap-northeast-3
  • ca-central-1
  • me-south-1
  • sa-east-1

See here for configurations and considerations.



Most of our users render multiple minutes of video for just a few pennies. The exact cost is dependent on the region, assigned memory, type of video, parallelization and other parameters. For each render, we estimate a cost and display it to you. You might also need a Remotion license (see below).

AWS permissions

Remotion Lambda requires you to create an AWS account and create a user with some permissions attached to it. We require only the minimal amount of permissions required for operating Remotion Lambda.

Read more about permissions


You can control Remotion Lambda using the npx remotion lambda command.

Read more about the CLI


Everything you can do using the CLI, you can also control using Node.JS APIs. See the reference here.


The standard Remotion license applies.

Companies need to buy 1 cloud rendering seat per 2000 renders per month - see


We make it easy to remove all Remotion resources from your AWS account without leaving any traces or causing further costs.

How to uninstall Remotion Lambda