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Part of the @remotion/media-utils package of helper functions.

Takes a src to a video, loads it and returns metadata for the specified source.



A string pointing to an asset.

Return value#

Promise<VideoMetadata> - object with information about the video data:

  • durationInSeconds: number The duration of the video in seconds.
  • width: number The width of the video in pixels.
  • height: number The height of the video in pixels.
  • aspectRatio: number Video width divided by video height.
  • isRemote: boolean Whether the video was imported locally or from a different origin.


import {getVideoMetadata} from '@remotion/media-utils';
import video from '../video.mp4';
await getVideoMetadata(video); /* {
durationInSeconds: 100.00,
width: 1280,
height: 720,
aspectRatio: 1.77777778,
isRemote: false
} */
await getVideoMetadata(''); /* {
durationInSeconds: 40.213,
width: 1920,
height: 1080,
aspectRatio: 1.77777778,
isRemote: true
} */

Caching behavior#

This function is memoizing the results it returns. If you pass in the same argument to src multiple times, it will return a cached version from the second time on, regardless of if the file has changed. To clear the cache, you have to reload the page.

See also#