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Available from v2.0.

Using this method, you can retrieve inputs that you pass in from the command line using --props, or the inputProps parameter if you are using the Node.JS API.

You should whenever possible prefer to retrieve props directly in your composition, like you would read props from a component if you were to code a React application, but this method is useful if you want to retrieve the input props outside of a composition.


This method is not available when inside a Remotion Player. Instead, get the props as React props from the component you passed as the component prop to the player.


Pass in a parseable JSON representation using the --props flag to either remotion preview or remotion render:

npx remotion render --props='{"hello": "world"}' src/index.tsx my-composition out.mp4

You can then access the props in JavaScript:

const {hello} = getInputProps() // "world"

In this example, the props also get passed to the component of the composition with the id my-composition.

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