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npx remotion cloudrun regions


Cloud Run is in Alpha, which means APIs may change in any version and documentation is not yet finished. See the changelog to stay up to date with breaking changes.

Prints the GCP regions supported by the current version of Remotion Cloud run. Useful for bash scripts.

npx remotion cloudrun regions
npx remotion cloudrun regions
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asia-east1 asia-east2 asia-northeast1 asia-northeast2 asia-northeast3 asia-south1 asia-south2 asia-southeast1 asia-southeast2 australia-southeast1 australia-southeast2 europe-central2 europe-north1 europe-southwest1 europe-west1 europe-west2 europe-west3 europe-west4 europe-west6 europe-west8 europe-west9 me-west1 northamerica-northeast1 northamerica-northeast2 southamerica-east1 southamerica-west1 us-central1 us-east1 us-east4 us-east5 us-south1 us-west1 us-west2 us-west3 us-west4

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