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npx remotion studio

Alias: npx remotion preview

Start the Remotion Studio.

npx remotion studio <entry-point>?
npx remotion studio <entry-point>?

You may pass an entry point as an argument, otherwise it will be determined.



Input Props to pass to the selected composition of your video..
We don't recommend passing this flag when using the Studio - use defaultProps instead.

Must be a serialized JSON string (--props='{"hello": "world"}') or a path to a JSON file (./path/to/props.json).
From the root component the props can be read using getInputProps().
You may transform input props using calculateMetadata().


Inline JSON string isn't supported on Windows shells because it removes the " character, use a file name instead.


Specify a location for the Remotion config file.


Specify a location for a dotenv file - Default .env. Read about how environment variables work in Remotion.


Set the log level. Increase or decrease the amount of output. Acceptable values: error, warn, info (default), verbose


Set a custom HTTP server port to start the server on. If not defined, Remotion will try to find a free port.


The path of the URL where the bundle is going to be hosted. By default it is /, meaning that the bundle is going to be hosted at the root of the domain (e.g. https://localhost:3000/). If you are deploying to a subdirectory (e.g. /sites/my-site/), you should set this to the subdirectory.


Disables all keyboard shortcuts in the Studio.


Enables Webpack polling instead of the file system event listeners for hot reloading. This is useful if you are inside a virtual machine or have a remote file system. Pass a value in milliseconds, for example --webpack-poll=1000.


Prevents Remotion from trying to open a browser. This is useful if you use a different browser for Remotion than the operating system default.


Specify the browser which should be used for opening tab - using the default browser by default.
Pass an absolute string or "chrome" to use Chrome. If Chrome is selected as the browser and you are on macOS, Remotion will try to reuse an existing tab

For backwards compatibility, the BROWSER environment variable is also supported.


A set of command line flags that should be passed to the browser. Pass them like this:

npx remotion studio --browser-args="--disable-web-security"
npx remotion studio --browser-args="--disable-web-security"


Plays a beep sound when the video is finished rendering. This is useful if you are rendering a video in the background and want to be notified when it is finished.

npx remotion studio --beep-on-finish
npx remotion studio --beep-on-finish


Forces the Studio to be bound to an IPv4 interface, even if a IPv6 interface is available.

npx remotion studio --ipv4
npx remotion studio --ipv4