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npx remotion bundle

available from v4.0.89

Creates a Remotion Bundle on the command line.
Equivalent to the bundle() Node.JS API.

npx remotion bundle <serve-url|entry-file>?
npx remotion bundle <serve-url|entry-file>?

You may pass a Serve URL or an entry point as the first argument, otherwise the entry point will be determined.



Specify a location for the Remotion config file.


One of verbose, info, warn, error.
Determines how much is being logged to the console.
verbose will also log console.log's from the browser.
Default info.


Define the location of the public/ directory. If not defined, Remotion will assume the location is the `public` folder in your Remotion root.


Define the location of the resulting bundle. By default it is a folder called ./build, adjacent to the Remotion Root.


The path of the URL where the bundle is going to be hosted. By default it is /, meaning that the bundle is going to be hosted at the root of the domain (e.g. https://localhost:3000/). If you are deploying to a subdirectory (e.g. /sites/my-site/), you should set this to the subdirectory.