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Remotion 1.2

ยท 2 min read
Jonny Burger

You have tested Remotion and provided an enormous amount of feedback! Thanks to it, this version of Remotion is vastly improved ๐ŸŽ‰

Rendering time cut in half!โ€‹

It turns out rendering each frame as JPEG is much faster than rendering them in PNG and results in no visible quality difference. Using this trick, the time of the 'Rendering Frames...' of an example video went down from 14 seconds to 6.5 seconds! That's more than twice as fast.

Now that the rendering process is JPEG-based, a new flag --quality was added to command line. For server-side rendering, you may pass in a new imageFormat option. If you render a PNG sequence, Remotion will of course still deliver PNGs.

The goal is to make rendering even faster, finding further optimizations is going to be a very interesting task!

Windows supportโ€‹

Windows support is very important (just like PHP). All the bugs that prevented proper Windows installation have now been fixed. Plus I now have a proper Windows setup so from now on Remotion will be tested on Windows as well!

Discord communityโ€‹

We now have a Discord! Join now and chat about Remotion!

Licensing now availableโ€‹

The terms of the company license have now been worked out and a billing system with Stripe has been set up. Contact me for pricing!


A GitHub Project board has been setup with the goal of indicating the next priorities. Check it out!