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Write videos
in React.

Use your React knowledge to create real MP4 videos.
Scale your video production using server-side rendering and parametrization.

$ npm init video


If you know React
you can make videos.

Remotion gives you the tools for video creation,
but the rules of React stay the same.

Learn the fundamentals in just a few minutes.

Real .mp4 videos

Remotion renders all frames to images and
encodes them to a real video - audio support included.
WebM and other formats are also supported.

Fast and
delightful editing

Preview your video in the browser.
Fast refresh while the video is playing.
Scrub through the timeline to get every frame perfect.

Programmatic content
and rendering

Fetch data from an API and use it as the content.
Render videos programmatically using our server-side APIs.

Customize the video by entering your GitHub username.
0:00 / 0:03

Free for individuals
Funded by companies

Remotion is free for individuals - you can even build a business on it!
As a company, you need a license to use Remotion.
With your support, we constantly improve Remotion for everyone.

Individuals & Small teams
  • Unlimited usage of all Remotion tools
  • Commercial use allowed
  • Community support
Developer seat
per month
  • allows 1 developer to work on Remotion projects
  • may use Remotion on multiple machines
  • Access to prioritized support
  • As long as you make renders, at least one license must be kept active
Cloud rendering seat
per month
  • Choose 1 seat per cloud instance (e.g. VPS, EC2) you are running Remotion on
  • Pay only for as long as you are rendering videos.
  • Using serverless? Choose 1 seat per 2.000 renders per month.

Want a 15 minute call to evaluate if Remotion is right for you? Contact us

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